Camp Guidelines

These guidelines include sample consent and health forms, and information relevant for planning your camp program. 

What to Bring

A list of what to bring, including  selecting appropriate clothing for the outdoors.
(PDF, 1.6MB)

Supervision and Safety

A one page summary of supervision expectations for teachers on camp.
(PDF, 330KB)

Organisational checklist

A planning and organising checklist and timeline leading up to your camp.
(PDF, 292KB)

Arbury Park Outdoor School Risk Management Plan

Our summary risk management plan to support teachers and schools preparing for camp at Arbury Park Outdoor School.
(PDF, 296KB)

APOS Site leader suitability confirmation – checklist

Site suitability checklist for a camp at Arbury Park Outdoor School
(Word 163KB )

Duty groups proforma

Use this form to assign students to duty groups (meal times and recycling)
(Word 18KB )

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Required Forms Camp Guidelines