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Arbury Park Outdoor School teachers have compiled a list of web resources below that are linked to the experiences students have had at Arbury Park Outdoor School. The resources have been selected to support teachers and students and extend the learning in their classroom.

WOW Wipe Out Waste
Wipe Out Waste has excellent resources for schools including movie clips and training and development for teachers.
Food waste Food waste equals water waste
Watch this clip to find out how much waste gets thrown away in Australia each year, and learn about the connection between food waste and water waste.
Freshwater Life Footprint calculator
The World Wildlife Fund for Nature Australia has created an Australian Footprint calculator. Through a series of questions, the number of planets required to support and individual’s lifestyle is calculated. Note: this calculator is not compatible with tablets and mobile devices.
Weather Trail Environmental assessments in your school to tackle climate change
This website provides information on how to assess, plan and take action at your school and in the local environment to tackle climate change. Basing your environmental assessment on one or more of the six themes (energy, biodiversity, water, waste, transport, air quality) provides an opportunity to make your school more ‘environmentally friendly’ in achievable steps. 
Hidden World Pest tales
Pest tales provides a year 5/6 resource which highlights pest animals in Australia, their impact, and current ways of managing the damage they inflict on the environment, economy and people.
Web of Life Game Native Bees
Resources to understand native bees of Australia.
Web of Life Game Trees for Life
Trees for Life offer support to grow and plant local species in school grounds or the local community.
Web of Life Game Orienteering SA
Orienteering is a sport in which participants navigate to compete a course using a map and compass. Orienteering SA has information on school programs and support.
Web of Life Game Location SA map viewer 
Students can investigate their local area and create their own maps. This viewer will search and display a huge range of government data and view detailed maps of South Australia.


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