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Taking Action

In these activities, students use their knowledge and skills to take positive action towards a sustainable future. The learning intentions for each activity can be modified to suit the year levels indicated.

Examples of Australian
Curriculum Links
Bee Hotel Bee Hotel (R-3)

Students create ‘bee bundles’ and ‘bee blocks’ to provide habitat for native bee species.  They explore the importance of native bees and the differences between native bees and European honeybees.

Found.  (ACSSU002)
Yr 1  (ACSSU211)
Yr 4  (ACSSU073)
Yr 5  (ACHASSK088)

Landcare/Bushcare Landcare/Bushcare (R-9)
Students get their hands dirty working on rehabilitation projects using local species propagated in the school’s nursery. They explore the benefits of regeneration and caring for remnant bushland. Our Landcare project focuses on a section of Cox Creek. Our Bushcare sites are remnant patches of stringybark forest with high biodiversity value.

Yr 4  (ACSSU073)

Yr 1  (ACHASSK031

Yr 4  (ACHASSK113)
Yr 8  (ACHGK052)

Nesting Boxes Nesting boxes (3-9)
Teams of students follow safe work practices to cut and assemble wooden nesting boxes in a specially designed workshop. The procedure includes sawing, drilling and hammering the various components. Students can install completed boxes in their own school as alternatives to lost nesting hollows.

Yr 6  (ACSSU094)
Yr 7  (ACSHE120)
Yr 4  (ACHASSK088)

Plant Propagation Plant propagation (R-9)
In the school's plant nursery, students learn basic nursery procedure to propagate local species from seed. This follows an exploration of flowering plant reproduction and diversity, including flowers, seeds, seed "containers", and survival features of local plant groups.

Yr 1  (ACSSU017)
Yr 2  (ACSSU030)
Yr 4  (ACSSU073)
Yr 5  (ACSSU043)