Arbury Park Outdoor SchoolArbury Park Outdoor School

Purpose and Values

Making connections with our environment. Living and learning together.

Arbury Park Outdoor School is a community where students, parents and teachers from all parts of South Australia come to live and learn together. In our bush setting, we make connections with the natural environment and with each other through experiential outdoor learning.

Living and learning at Arbury Park inspires ongoing growth for students and teachers alike.


curiosity care community 
Curiosity is an eagerness to discover new things, to wonder and to learn. When we are curious we explore the mysteries of our world.
Care means giving love and attention to people and things that matter. When we care about something or someone we try to give our best.
Community is about the connections in our lives; connections between each other, with places and with things. Our community is the web of our relationships. It gives us a sense of belonging.