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Characteristics of Primary Years Learners (Years 3-5)

At Arbury Park Outdoor School, each learning program is developed to meet the particular needs and requests of the visiting school. The program and activity choices will vary according to the developmental stage of the group of students.

Learners in the Primary Years come from a range of linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds. They bring to learning their own prior knowledge and experiences, needs, interests, concerns, expectations and aspirations. In addition, Primary Years learners: 


  • primary yearsare able to engage enthusiastically and expand their thinking in ways that are reflective and spontaneous.

  • are motivated to learn through curiosity, imagination and creativity.

  • are experiencing different kinds of friendships and exploring power dynamics

  • are exploring the similarities and differences between being male and female

  • are experimenting with identity and referencing themselves against peers

  • are keen to extend their capabilities and self-expression

 SACSA Framework Learning Bands Introduction 2003

  • Enjoy creating imaginary worlds, searching for treasures, hunting and gathering, exploring their nearby world and finding their place in it.

David Sobel “Beyond Ecophobia” 1996  


Suitable activities for Primary Years learners

Freshwater Life, Natures Recyclers, Animal SurvivalBird Ecology, Looking for Evidence, Web of Life game, Nestboxes, Landcare, Plant propagation, Earth art, Earth Walk, Maps and Symbols, Orienteering, Hiking, Team Challenge, Mission Survival, Aboriginal Cultural Studies 

Compare with learners in

Early Years (Foundation - Year 2)    Middle Years (Years 6-9)


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Sample Primary Years camp program A sample program showing how activities can be sequenced and connected. 150KB