Arbury Park Outdoor SchoolArbury Park Outdoor School


The school currently has 13.2 full-time equivalent staff members.
  • All teaching staff have current SA Teacher Registration that includes relevant history screening.

  • All non-teaching staff have current DCSI Child Related Employment Screening.

  • Temporary relieving teachers and casual ancillary staff are required to show Approved Authority to Work, which includes relevant history screening, before they can be employed.


Principal David Doherty
Curriculum Coordinators Paul Johnson
Louise Petherick
Teachers Suyin McDonald
David Milner
Janna Corso
School Services Officer - Administration Penny Keen
School Services Officer - Curriculum Faye Ward
Groundspersons Wally Guthrie
Greg Anderson
Catering Manager Deb Hackel
Catering Rahkesh Cisse
Lynn Morley
Darren Taylor
Ali Brook
Residential Caretaker Joe Lautenschlager