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Outdoor Recreation

These activities involve higher levels of physical activity, practising recreational activities that can be continued back in the school community. The learning intentions for each activity can be modified to suit the year levels indicated.

  Examples of Australian
Curriculum Links
Hiking Hiking (R-9)
Hikes include the school boundary, half day circuits of Mt George Conservation Park, an historic loop into the township of Bridgewater, and day hikes along sections of the Heysen Trail. Students learn about preparing for a safe hike.

Yr 3/4 (ACPPS041)
Yr 5/6 (ACPPS059)
Yr 7/8 (ACPMP086)

  Maps and Symbols (3-5)
An introductory map-reading activity in which students look at a variety of maps and identify their key features. They then use a simple local map to navigate a set trail similar to an orienteering course.

Yr 2  (ACMMG044)
Yr 4  (ACMMG090)

Orienteering Orienteering (5-9)
Arbury Park has a number of permanent orienteering courses that use colour, scale orienteering maps. The courses become sequentially more challenging in distance and navigation.

Yr 5/6 (ACPPS059)
Yr 7/8 (ACPPS078)