Arbury Park Outdoor SchoolArbury Park Outdoor School

Camp guidelines

These guidelines include sample consent and health forms, and information relevant for planning your camp program.
Download all forms from the table below.

Downloads Description File size Type
Consent form A sample consent form you can choose to use if you don’t use your own school’s consent form. 24 KB
Health information form A sample form you can choose to use if you don't use your own school's form. 21 KB
What to bring A list of what to bring, including  selecting appropriate clothing for the outdoors. 1.6 MB
Supervision and safety A one page summary of supervision expectations for teachers on camp. 330KB
Organisational checklist   A planning and organising checklist and timeline leading up to your camp. 370 KB
Arbury Park Outdoor School Risk Management Plan Our summary risk management plan to support teachers and schools preparing for camp at Arbury Park Outdoor School. 296KB