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Booking Process 

booking application process

As a statewide service of the Department for Education, Arbury Park Outdoor School aims to provide equitable access to all schools. To enable this we ask teachers to complete a booking application form.

Booking applications can be submitted at any time.  They are considered in two application pools each year, a semester 1 pool and a semester 2 pool.  Applications for semester 1 camp programs close at the end of August. Applications for semester 2 camp programs close at the end of Week 2 in Term 1 (early February).

A booking application does not guarantee a booking. Only one application per school per year can be accepted.

Selection criteria

The criteria below are used to prioritise applications and offer dates to successful schools.

1. Estimated numbers attending

  • Arbury Park Outdoor School is staffed and resourced for groups of 50 to 90 students in residence. Booking applications must be for 50 to 90 students. Small schools with enrolments below 50 can either lodge a joint application with another small school or apply for a booking during the nominated small schools week each term. 

  • If your predicted numbers are below 60, you may be required to share the site with another small group to better utilise Arbury Park facilities.

2. School sector

Applications are invited from government and non-government schools. Priority, however, is given to government schools.

3. Recent participation

Priority is given to schools with no recent participation at Arbury Park.

4. Connections with the visiting school’s curriculum

Priority is given to schools that link their Arbury Park program to existing or developing programs in outdoor and environmental education at their school.

5. Length of program requested

Priority is given to schools requesting a longer program with one group of students. Longer programs provide opportunities for a richer learning experience.