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Aboriginal Cultural Studies

Students learn about traditional lifestyles of Aboriginal people. Activities may include shelter building, art, seasonal food trails, stories related to the Dreaming, traditional tools, and games.

Examples of Australian
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Tools and Artifacts


Shelter Building
Tools and Implements
Traditional tools and implements are examples of technology that use natural materials to meet human needs. Students handle and discuss a collection of authentic tools and implements from different regions of Australia.

Stories related to The Dreaming
Stories help explain how features of the landscape came into existence, how and where to find food, how to behave and why. Students hear stories that connect with the Arbury Park environment.

This activity makes connections between traditional art styles and materials and contemporary Aboriginal artists' work. Students can use traditional symbols and designs to create art pieces that tell a story.

Shelter Building
Students build shelters using branches and foliage that are collected for them on site. The teaching approach can focus on problem solving and team building, or be more traditional and instructional. Students learn about different types of shelters for different purposes and seasons.
Yr 2 (ACHASSK049)
Yr 4 (ACHASSK089)

Yr 3 (ACHASSK062)